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KyberSwap Hack, FIFA Official NFT Platform, U.S. Jobs Report, And More
Despace Weekly Newsletter #6 - September 5, 2022
Dear Despace community,
We have the newest and the most awesome newsletter for you to read. This week’s newsletter covers all the most important news from the crypto space from last week as well as recent important updates from DeSpace Protocol.
What happened in the crypto market last week:
U.S. Jobs Report And Russia-EU Escalation
The crypto market last week was heavily influenced by two important events; the U.S. jobs report and the Russia-EU escalation. The U.S. August nonfarm payrolls rose by 315,000, which is significantly lower than the previous month’s 526,000. The unemployment rate also climbed to 3.7%. Both of these reports are equally important since they will affect the Fed’s next interest rate hike policies.

We also had another important news coming from Russia and the European Union (EU). The EU decided to put a price cap on Russian pipeline gas. As a result, Russia’s Gazprom Nord Stream 1 pipeline suspended gas flow to Europe indefinitely. This weekend's news caused a bit of volatility in the crypto market.
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Binance’s Security Team Helps KyberSwap To Identify Suspects
Decentralized exchange Kyberswap was recently hacked and lost $265,000. After this unfortunate incident, Binance’s security team decided to investigate and found out that there were two suspects involved in the hack. Binance then decided to share the information of the suspects with law enforcement.
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FIFA Official NFT Platform Was Launched On Algorand

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is only months away and the global football organization has officially partnered with Algorand for its NFT platform. The NFT platform will start selling art, imagery, and memorabilia on the Algorand blockchain. The platform itself will become part of FIFA+, where you can watch live football matches and read all the most important news.
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What happened at DeSpace last week:
Despace Is Officially Listed On Magic Store
Despace Protocol is proud to announce that we have been officially listed on Magic Store. Magic Store is crypto’s first dedicated app store, which was something sorely missing from the space.
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Our last Space Series discussed user experience in Web3
Our last DeSpace Space Series was hosted on September 1st. The guest and our host decided to discuss user experience in web3 this time. Play the recording of our last Space Series here. If you plan to participate in our upcoming community events or Space Series, make sure to follow our Telegram channel.
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