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Introducing DeSpace: What You Need to Know
Despace Introduction
Dear Despacer,
We are excited to have you as a member of our community! It was a pleasure to meet you at our booth at the just concluded Blockchain Conference held at the Civic Center, Lagos. This newsletter is quite special since we will show you how to get the most out of DeSpace products. Let's begin.
What Is The Despace Protocol?
DeSpace Protocol is the most advanced multi-chain DeFi and NFT navigation tool to date, empowering users with a range of DeFi and NFT products from around the crypto ecosystem, including our own products, all from a single interface. 

The DeSpace ecosystem consists of several products that work together to support a decentralized future that is accessible to anyone. These products include:

  1. DeSwap DEX
  2. NFT Lottery and Auction pads
  3. NFT marketplace aggregator
  4. DeFi aggregator
  5. Staking and farming portals
  6. DeLend for stablecoin loans
  7. DeChain, our Layer-2 solution for cross-chain interoperability

To learn more about DeSpace, click here. For multiple bonuses, try our DeSwap DEX and farm right now! Here are the possible ways to earn bonuses using DeSwap:
Check our DeSwap DEX
Get Your LPs Migrated From Other DEXs To DeSwap and Benefit From Our Lucrative Offers
If you are a liquidity provider in other DEXs, you can easily migrate your LPs to DeSwap. To help streamline the process of moving liquidity from other DEXs to DeSwap, we have developed liquidity migration contracts to automatically move your tokens.
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DeSwap’s Referral Campaign - Earn 100% Of Swap Fees
DeSwap also offers a very lucrative referral campaign. 

Every DeSwap user has a unique referral link. When you share this with your network and they trade, you’ll earn 100% of their swap fees back in DES and gDES tokens. There’s nothing else to do - simply provide your link and our referral app will track all the trades made by the users that connect with it.

The current referral program will run for three months, after which we’ll review the system and adjust it as needed. Rewards will be unlocked quarterly.
Check The Full Details Here
DeSwap Farm - Stake LPs to Earn gDES
Besides the 100% swap fees for the LPs, DeSwap offers a yield farming concept, where you can stake your LP tokens to earn gDES (the governance token of the DeSwap ecosystem).

When users add liquidity on DeSwap, they are given LP tokens that represent their share of liquidity in that liquidity pool. These LP tokens can be put to work in farms or staking contracts. When you decide to put the LP tokens to DeSwap Farm, you will be able to earn gDES and maximize your revenues in the long term.
Check The Full Details Here
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