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Bnb Chain Exploit, McDonalds in Lugano Accepts Bitcoin, and More
DeSpace Weekly Newsletter #12 – October 10, 2022
Dear Despace community,
We have another amazing newsletter for you to read. Just like before, this week’s newsletter covers all the most important news from the crypto space from last week as well as recent important updates from DeSpace Protocol.
What Happened in the Crypto Market Last Week:
BNB Chain Was Exploited, Damage Estimated to be around $100M
BNB Chain was exploited last week due to a vulnerability on a cross-chain bridge, BSC Token Hub. The attacker was able to mint 2 million BNB but the BNB Chain validators were able to react immediately and froze most of the attackers’ newly minted tokens. In the end, the attackers were able to get away with about $100 million in BNB.
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McDonald's to Accept Bitcoin and USDT in Lugano, a Town in Switzerland
For the very first time, McDonald’s in Lugano (a town in Switzerland) officially accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) as official forms of payment. Lugano is a small town with only 63,000 population, but it’s still seen as a win for the crypto community, since McDonald’s itself is a huge international franchise.
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Helium Fondation Responded After Binance Delisted HNT’s Main Trading Pairs

A popular decentralized hotspot blockchain, Helium (HNT) had a rough week after Binance decided to delist HNT’s main trading pairs without prior explanation. After this sudden announcement, Helium Foundation decided to respond and claimed that there is no basis for Binance to delist HNT trading pairs. Helium Foundation COO also mentioned that there are other exchanges that still continue to support HNT
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What happened at DeSpace Last Week:
Try DeSwap’s Easy Liquidity Migration
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Learn How to Select the Best DeFi Loans for Yourself
Despite the crypto bear market due to rising interest rates worldwide, cryptocurrency loan and lending activities are still pretty much alive and active. Many big whales and speculators who believe the crypto market will bounce back one day are already buying up all the top crypto assets and stablecoins. In our latest post on Despace University, we take a look at the best DeFi loan protocols - names that include MELD & Aave
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