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Kraken CEO, Alameda Bankruptcy, Putin Embracing Blockchain, and More
DeSpace Weekly Newsletter #18 – November 28, 2022
Dear Despace community,
We have another amazing newsletter for you to read. Just like before, this week’s newsletter covers all the most important news from the crypto space from last week as well as recent important updates from DeSpace Protocol.
What Happened in the Crypto Market Last Week:
Kraken CEO Attacked Binance Proof of Reserves
Kraken CEO, Jesse Powell, went public to Twitter to attack Binance’s Proof-of-Reserves audit. According to Powell, a complete proof-of-reserve audit must include the sum of client liabilities, user-verifiable cryptographic proof that each account was included in the sum and signatures proving the custodian’s control over the wallets. While Kraken’s proof of reserve does allow verification of assets against the company’s liabilities, Powell continues to call out other players that have missed out on including accounts with negative balances, including Binance.
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Putin Supports Blockchain-Based International Settlements
Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the monopoly in global financial payment systems and called for an independent and blockchain-based settlement network on Nov 24, speaking at the International AI Journey Conference in Moscow. “The technology of digital currencies and blockchains can be used to create a new system of international settlements that will be much more convenient, absolutely safe for its users and, most importantly, will not depend on banks or interference by third countries,’ according to Putin.
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Alameda Research Withdrew $204 Million Prior to Bankruptcy Filing

Alameda Research withdrew over $200 million from FTX.US before it filed for bankruptcy, according to analysis from blockchain firm Arkham Intelligence. In a Twitter thread, Arkham revealed that Alameda Research, FTX’s sister company, pulled $204 million from eight different addresses of FTX US in a variety of crypto assets, the majority of them stablecoins, in the final days before the collapse.
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What happened at DeSpace Last Week:
Refer Your Friend To DeSwap and Earn 100% of Referral Swap Fees
Refer a friend to DeSwap and earn 100% of their swap fees as rewards. It's easy to get a referral code, and as we're decentralized you don't even need a user account! Check out our guide for the details
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DeSpace Partners with Hypermove
We’re excited to announce our partnership with Blockchain’s finest gaming platform, Hypermove.
This partnership will allow HyperMove to add its liquidity to DeSwap Dex, list their NFTs on our Dex(marketplace) and play a crucial role in the development of the Hypermove community and provide users the additional opportunity to explore, benefit & earn from DeSpace’s DeFi products.
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