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DeSpace Partners With Anime Story Maker, Metavists✨
DeSpace Weekly Newsletter – April 13, 2023
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We have another amazing newsletter for you to read. Just like before, this week’s newsletter covers some major important news from the crypto space from last week as well as recent important updates from DeSpace Protocol.
DeSpace Partners With Anime Story Maker, Metavists
DeSpace Partners With Anime Story Maker, Metavists✨
Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Metavists — an anime story about three heroes with a mission to create a world free of corruption . If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a noble venture, Metavists will certainly satisfy your yearning. By holding a Metavists digital collectible, you join the coalition that sets you on this noble quest.

With this collaboration, DeSpace NFT Auction will be used to scale this partnership and of course, with listing of Metavists collectibles in DeSpace NFT Marketplace and Aggregator.

To help celebrate the upcoming release of Metavists first digital collectibles, we’ll be working together on whitelist and giveaway promotions once the mint date is announced. We’re excited to be joining forces with Metavists on this one, and we hope to bring you more exciting giveaways in the future.

In our usual way to kick off this amazing partnership, we’ll be hosting a series of cross-promotional activities involving both of our communities. This will include things like AMAs, Twitter Spaces, Gleam campaigns, and more. Stay tuned to our social channels linked below for updates on these promotions as they unfold.

About Metavists

Metavists is an anime story about three hybrid heroes who take ownership of shaping a world they desire, free from corruption by The Whisperer.

By owning a Metavists Digital Collectible to join the coalition that sets you on this noble mission.

As part of metavists solution, the project is spearheading web3 seamless and friendly innovations to pave the way for the great reset.

Learn More About Metavists 👇

Discord TwitterWebsite

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DeSpace takes the best of DeFi and NFTs and combines them into a single, easy-to-use platform that rewards users.

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